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Private Equity and Investment Business | Shigetomi Shoji Co., Ltd.
Private Equity
and Investment
Investing for Profitability - Assessing Asset Values in Japan and Overseas
The era of ultra-low interest rates followed the end of the bubble economy in 2008. In a domestic market where Japan’s GDP trends are stagnant compared to those of other developed countries, it is essential to determine asset values. With no prospects of a GDP increase, the decline in consumer spending due to a shrinking population poses a dire threat to the future of Japan. We support businesses that adapt to social demand from shrinking markets and promote corporate growth by investing in businesses with high potential. We also develop valuable businesses with an emphasis on future potential through entrepreneurship-based investments.
  • Identification and evaluation of investment targets
  • Realization of investments from domestic and global perspectives
  • Revaluation and reconstruction of deteriorating real estate functions
  • Investment in renewable energy projects

Due Diligence

We evaluate the financial standing, tax and compliance-related aspects, and the general marketing dimension for each investment and corporate transaction on a case-by-case basis. In collaboration with professionals in various fields, we invest with a focus on profitability and future markets.

Overview of Due Diligence | Shigetomi Shoji Co., Ltd.