About Us

Corporate Philosophy

Our goal is to be a company that grows along with the local community

by leveraging the local strengths we have developed over the years.


Promoting Business Through Deep Local Connections

Our real estate investment and management business is supported by our deep local connections. We aspire to contribute to regional development using innovative business promotion and by leveraging the trust we have cultivated within the local community.

Further Growth by Emphasizing Profitability

We aim to increase our corporate value by investing in profitable businesses, based on our expert analysis. We are not limited to real estate investment and eagerly take on the challenge of promoting valuable businesses while keeping an eye on the ever-changing economic environment.

Decision Making in a Global Business Environment

One hundred and fifty years after the Meiji Restoration, a time of great change for Japan, we are now facing a new global era. Using our many years of experience we aim to achieve the best outcomes for our clients in an ever-changing global market.

Actively Promoting SDGS with Affiliated Companies

We incorporate SDGs into our core business activities and work towards solving social issues. We practice carbon neutrality by using renewable energy (solar power) and aim to reduce our CO₂ emissions by decarbonizing business.



Company Name
Shigetomi Shoji Co., Ltd.
Koichiro Iwasaki (President and CEO)
Shigetomi Shoji bldg. 1-21 Horiecho,
Kagoshima-City, Kagoshima-Pref. 892-0824
Oct. 1983
  • Asset Management Business
  • Private Equity and other investment
  • Renewable Energy Business
  • Consulting Service